Lightweight Quality

Cast aluminium butterfly valve to suit applications where lightweight is an absolute must, offering up to 50% weight saving versus a Cast Iron valve. Based on proven Wouter Witzel technologies, like fully vulcanized to the body bonded liner (NBR/EPDM) and standard duplex trim. Suitable for maximum 20bar differential pressure. Available in wafer style DN50-300.

Saving weight on above waterline systems creates more stability on Ships. It also reduces the weight of the ship. Another advantage is, the aluminium valve is Anti-magnetic and will never cause any friction.

Saving weight on any mobile equipment (vehicles) will automatically result in energy saving. Savings create freedom to i.e. reduce costs or to add more/other components in (often) weight constraints. Components like valves therefore are more and more required to be light weight, but reliable and durable at the same time.

Comes with Wouter Witzel’s Standard 5 Year Warranty.


Aluminium Butterfly Valve USP’s

1. ISO 5211 Actuator mounting pad.

2. Cast aluminium Alloy body – Light, though strong: up to 20bar working pressure.

3. Reliable – Lifetime, leak tight, low operation torque, therefore vacuum and extreme high number of operations are allowed.

4. Lightweight components – Bearings and seal bushes are made in lightweight POM.

5. Copper free sealing – Prevents galvanic corrosion.


Aluminium Butterfly Benefits:
  • Anodized body, which guarantees a high corrosion resistance and scratch proof.
  • Body material Cast aluminium Alloy (EN AC-42100).
  • Easy installation (with integrated flange gasket).
  • Bi-directional tight shut off (TSO).
  • Available in Wafer type.
  • DN 40 (1.5″) – 300 (12″), bar rated
  • Average weight saving of 50%, compared to cast iron valves.


Wouter Witzel EVS-ALU Datasheet

Wouter Witzel EVS-ALU DNV Type Approval

Wouter Witzel Product Announcement

Wouter Witzel EVS-ALU Product Flyer

Wouter Witzel have been producing the highest standard of butterfly valves for well over 50 years. The now well-established Dutch company is an international leader in their field. They develop and produce a wide range of high quality butterfly valves and accessories at their purpose built factory in the Netherlands.

For more information, ex-stock and short lead time supply of Wouter Witzel butterfly valves in the UK, please contact one of LK Valves & Controls experienced team, or add the sizes you require to your enquiry below.

Available with Lever Operator, Gearbox, or as an Actuated Package (Electric/Hydraulic/Pneumatic/Electro-Hydraulic)

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Wouter Witzel EVS-Alu Butterfly Valve, Wafer Type, Aluminium Body, Duplex Stainless Steel Disc, NBR Bonded Liner, Suitable For Mounting Between PN10, PN16 & ANSI-150 Flanges.

Available in Sizes DN50-300 (2-12″). NBR Liner as standard, EPDM Available.