Our principal supplier Meson AB have announced they will be coating all their cast iron and ductile iron products in blue epoxy paint henceforth.

Previously they had painted all cast iron valves and strainers in green and all ductile iron products in red. This colour ideology was originally brought about by the Scandinavian marine sector but has now been largely forsaken.

LK Valves & Controls Ltd will be phasing in the new blue colour as stocks are replenished. Our complete stock of cast iron mud boxes has already been changed over. All other valves; gate valves, check valves, SDSL and SDNR globe and angle valves, storm valves and quick closing valves will eventually all be available in the new blue RAL5010 epoxy finish.

For more information, ex-stock and short lead time supply of valves, strainers and ancillary products in the UK, please contact one of LK Valves & Controls experienced team.