LK Valves & Controls Ltd regards the health and safety of the Company’s activities as being of prime importance and undertakes to comply fully with the provisions of the Health & Safety at Work (etc) 1974, including any Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice additional to the Act. The Company also undertakes to comply with any new legislation, which may be forthcoming.

L K Valves & Controls Ltd undertakes:

  • To provide and maintain safe equipment.
  • To require all employees to exercise a duty of care and to co-operate in setting up and maintaining, as far as is reasonably practicable, safe and healthy conditions, avoiding actions which may be detrimental to the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • To give all information, instructions, job training and supervision as necessary for the establishment and maintenance of safe places of work.
  • To ensure safe use, handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances which are inherently or potentially dangerous.
  • To encourage employees to develop an awareness of health and safety as an integral part of their duties.
  • To ensure that any persons other than employees in the Company’s premises are not exposed to any hazards from the work therein.
  • To allocate sufficient resources to enable these aims to be met.
  • Should staff need to use a ladder for access then a second person must foot the ladder during the whole period of use.
  • To bring the Health & Safety Policy Statement to the attention of L K Valves & Controls Ltd employees and persons working on or visiting the site.
  • To regularly review and amend the Health & Safety Policy Statement as necessary.

Alan Wareing