LK Valves & Controls Ltd is committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure environment to all of our employees, and anyone involved in our operations and activities.

Our work and the reputation of LK Valves & Controls will not be compromised by the presence of individuals who are under the influence of alcohol; non prescribed drugs or the abuse of prescribed medication or legal highs in the workplace. Therefore we enforce a zero tolerance policy for the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol and any other substance that would compromise safety and affect a person’s fitness for duty and concentration.

This policy is designed to eliminate the risk of drug, alcohol and substance abuse and applies to all our staff including senior managers and directors, contractors, sub-contractors and also includes visitors to LK Valves & Controls sites or anyone who is representing us.

We reserve the right to provide evidence of drug or alcohol misuse at work to the industry regulator and the police in order to help promote the safety of its staff in the work place.

Policy Requirements;

  • Employees must be able to carry out their duties and must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance that would impair their ability to work safely and within the law.
  • We have a zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol. Employees are not permitted to work under the influence of drugs and alcohol – anyone suspected of being impaired due to alcohol, drugs legal or illegal or substance abuse will be reported and immediately suspended pending investigation and removed from the workplace.
  • We reserve the right to carry out’ random testing and screening for alcohol and drugs. Testing will automatically be carried out on reasonable suspicion due or following an incident or accident.
  • We shall ensure that anyone who is deemed unfit for work in line with our zero tolerance policy will be dealt with in a fair, consistent and constructive manner.

The use of illegal drugs will invariably adversely affect a person’s ability to carry out his/ her duties and to make decisions. This causes that person to be a danger to both him/ herself and those around them. Any person found in possession of, or with traces of illegal drugs in a blood or urine sample will be immediately removed from the workplace and at the sole discretion of the company may be subsequently dismissed.

Persons found reporting for work/ duty/ watch or found to be at work/ duty/ watch with levels of blood alcohol above 0.05% blood alcohol content or 0.25mg/ml (as outlined in the MCA guidance MGN 448 (M), published in 2012) will be removed from the workplace and at the sole discretion of the company may be subsequently dismissed and their contract terminated.

You are reminded that as an employee of LK Valves & Controls Ltd you liable to random drug and alcohol testing without prior notice. Failure to provide a sample upon request will render you liable to identical sanction as provision of a positive sample.

The Directors endorse this policy to confirm their commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors, visitors and the public.