LK Valves & Controls Ltd is proud of its policy of adhering to the highest ethical standards in dealing with customers, representatives, employees and government agencies.

The Bribery Act 2010 makes it an offence if commercial organisations fail to prevent persons associated with them from committing bribery on their behalf.

We believe our Business Partners enjoy that reputation and share our belief in the importance of integrity and our concern over the potential for misconduct in business practices. The enclosed Code of Conduct and Business Ethics for Business Partners outlines our expectations regarding ethical standards and business practices.

Because our commitment to the highest ethical standards is so important, we ask you to help us ensure that employees of both our companies abide by these standards to protect integrity in our mutual business dealings. We require all our Business Partners to adhere to this Code.

You may report any transgressions or concerns to me in confidence and anonymously if you wish.

The purpose of this statrement is to re-emphasise our commitment to these high standards of business and ethical conduct, and to ask you to join us in this commitment.

Thank you for your ongoing vigilance in helping us maintain the highest ethical standards and the reputation of our entire team.