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Winel Tank Vent Check Valves

By using the Winel tank vent check valves (vent heads as they are more commonly known) you have the advantage of a solid, maintenance free and fully a
utomatic operating system.

Winel vent head
have been produced for over 50 years and Winel hold Type Approvals from the major Classification Societies.

Winel vent heads can be used on any type of commercially used vessel, for yachts, navy vessels and offshore platforms.

Winel vent heads are available with all possible flange connections. LK Valves and Controls hold stock of the RM range of tank vent check valves with standard PN10 flange connection.Click below for details of Winel vent heads with standard PN10 flange connection; 
Type RM:  DN40-DN450 Type RMO: DN40-300 Type Bolero: DN40-350 Type CM: DN40-450 Type CMO: DN40-450
Galvanised Steel  Galvanised Steel   Galvanised Steel    Aluminium Construction Aluminium Construction
  With Overflow Pipe      With Overflow Pipe  

  Winel Flame Arresters

Winel flame arresters have a free area of 40% except fot the type 2000 which has a free area of 100%. The standard version is brass body, copper pin and screen on German silver. Please click here to veim the complete range. For more information contact LK Valves and Controls.


Winel Hnged Weather & Watertight Doors 

Winel's ship doors comprise both traditional clip doors and quick acting doors, called Musketeer® doors. The Winel Musketeer door is a successful product of their effort to offer a door which needs less maintenance and is easy to operate.

The patented Musketeer mechanism provides a maintenance free, easy adjustable and very easy to use door. No wonder this door is regarded the highest quality in weather- and watertight doors.



Main advantages of the Musketeer doors are:
> Ultra-light operation, i.e. a force transmission of 1:33
> All closing points are adjustable
> Self braking mechanism (clips cannot vibrate loose)
> Fully self-greasing mechanism
> Only one feed-trough (handle)
> Modular construction
> Stainless steel 316 (L) central closing mechanism with quick acting handle.
> Available in steel, aluminium & stainless steel
Links: Wet & ST Doors, WT Doors, GRP Doors, A60 Doors & Options For Musketeer doors.


Winel Watertight Sliding Doors

Winel watertight sliding doors are about safety and low total cost of ownership.

They are placed inside the vessel as an integrated part of watertight bulkheads.

Winel design and manufacture these doors to your requirements and in full compliance with the IMO / SOLAS safety regulations regarding class II and III doors.

Winel offer a proven design of a compact door and frame assembly with a very simple and reliable control system.
Please choose from:
Eagle, electro hydraulic operation
Condor, fully electric operation (suitable for passenger vessels)
Albatros, electro hydraulic operation (suitable for passenger vessels)
Seagull, hand hydraulic operation
Winel Hatches & Manhole Covers

Just like the doors, Winel hatches do not have standard dimensions. They are manufactured to your special requirements, of course as by the regulations of the Classification Societies. Please contact LK Valves and Controls If you would like to have more information about Winel's extensive range of hatches.

Hatches & Manholes


Yacht Equipment


Winel design and manufacture a wide range of doors and hatches for the yachting industry. Some of these products are standardised, but the majority are tailor made.

Winel's capabilities range from supplying a single component to a complete design including engineering & manufacturing of the required product.

Products which are to be used on the world's finest yachts have to look good. And they do! Take a look at the pictures presented on these pages and contact LK Valves and Controls if you would like to have more information.




Shell Doors & Special Projects

Spare Parts & Service



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