LK Valves & Controls are an appointed distributor of the Seeflex marine liquid level gauge  

The Seeflex® marine liquid level gauge is designed for use within the marine and offshore industries for tanks containing flammable liquids.
The Seeflex gauge meets the requirements of SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea), and is also Type Approved by many world wide shipping authorities including Lloyds Register of Shipping, Germanisher Lloyd, NKK Japan, Bureau Veritas, RINA Italy and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Product Description
Reflex type liquid level gauge of uniquely lightweight construction. The construction provides a modern gauge, which fits close to the tank wall and is aesthetically pleasing.

Product Function
To provide an ultra lightweight and compact liquid level gauge with Reflex glass windows for marine and industrial use.
This design is commonly used for fuel oil, hydraulic oil and lubricating oil tanks of cargo ships & work boats.

Lightweight Reflex glass gauge column which gives excellent level indication even of colourless liquids. The Reflex glass is made of toughened borosilicate. It is housed and protected in a light but robust stainless steel column, with stainless steel base and bezel of stainless steel or rust protected mild steel.
Compact gauge collars fitting over screwed valve bodies with push button valves and secured by hand tightened retaining nuts.Valves can be operated by local or remote hydraulic actuation.
Open and closed circuit configurations.

Extreme compactness and ease of installation or removal for maintenance - from full tank - renders it convenient for use in restricted spaces in marine and industrial service.
For simultaneous push button operation top and bottom integral hydraulic actuation can be fitted to allow both valves to be operated from one end.
Hydraulic actuation can also be remote.
Colourless liquids easily read.

Sizes Available
360mm up to 8786mm, centres.

Tank bosses 42mm diameter.

Materials of Construction
Fittings  : Bronze or stainless steel.
Column : Stainless steel with reflex glass.
Seals    : Rubber polymer.

Pressure and Temp Range
Up to 2.67 bar g. service pressure (4.9 bar g. test pressure).
Maximum operating temperature 88°C
(Maximum operating temperature with hydraulic actuation 80°C)

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The Seeflex gauge meets the requirements of SOLAS, and is also Type Approved by many world wide shipping authorities including;

Det Norske Veritas (DNV), Lloyds Register of Shipping, Germanisher Lloyd, Bureau Veritas, RINA, etc

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