LK Valves & Controls are pleased to announce they have entered into a formal agreement with Emerson's Marine Tank Management Division to be their official distributor in the UK for  
Actuators And Valve Remote Control Systems


are part of the global Emerson Process Management organisation and are world leaders in Hydraulic and
 Electro-Hydraulic valve actuation


  Due to its o-proven reliability, the Damcos Valve Remote Control (VRC) system sets the standard for the marine industry. It is available as a hydraulic and an electro-hydraulic version. Both are complete one-step solutions that reflect a deep appreciation of marine customer needs and industry standards

Both systems are built on a cost-effective modular design that allows a high degree of customisation while delivering performance on all fronts


Hydraulic VRC


Electro-hydraulic VRC

  - compact, yet high-torque output

- designed to be mounted directly on Damcos valve actuator

  - weight and space saving

- power or P-NET bus controlled

  - prepared for direct built-on modular control function

- automatic functions and supervision

  - patented multi-helical spline - no piping needed
  - easy adaption and mounting on all quarter-turn and linear valves; adjustments - no System Power Unit or Solenoid Valve Cabinet needed


  without demounting - minimum oil volume and pipe dimension  
  - built-on portable hand pump  
  - hydraulic and electrical position indicators  
  - customized Control Units and System Power Unit  

Damcos BRC

Damcos BRCF


Damcos KC

Damcos KF/KFR

Damcos LPU

Damcos LPUM


Hydraulic Double-
Acting Balanced
Rotary Actuator
Hydraulic Single-Acting Balanced Rotary
Spring-Closing Actuator
(Quarter-Turn, Fail-Safe)
Hydraulic Linear 

Hydraulic Linear
Single Acting
1/4 Turn Actuator

LPU-S Single Acting
LPU-D Double Acting 
Linear Actuator
LPUM-S Single Acting
LPUM-D Double Acting
Documentation; Click here to download product data sheets, brochures and technical documentation on the Damcos range








LK Valves & Controls are also a stockist and distributor for El-O-Matic actuators.  El-O-Matic and Damcos are both part of the global Emerson Process Management organisation. (Click here for El-O-Matic range). The addition of the Damcos range of hydraulic actuators to our existing portfolio allows LK Valves and Controls to offer the Emerson solution for electric, pneumatic, hydraulic & electro- hydraulic valve actuation.  

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