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Stainless Steel Expansion Joints (Compensators);


Steel Compensators Absorb:


Axial Movements Lateral Movements Angular Movements

Compensators are used for equalising pressure and vibrations as well as mechanical and thermal movements caused by temperature variations in pipes and duct systems.

They are manufactured not only as standard variants but also special duty designs, geared to the customers requirements.

The steel compensators are produced in numerous designs for axial, angular or lateral movements. They are produced as multi-layer bellows with weld ends, flanges, loose flanges with internal sleeves.

Compensators are produced in AISI321, AISI304, and AISI316 grades of stainless steel.


Stainless Steel Flexible Hoses;



Stainless steel flexible hoses have a large number of industrial applications, in which high demands are made on the absorption of movement, vibrations and misalignment.

The advantage of stainless steel hoses is their great capacity to withstand temperatures from -200 to +600 C. Moreover, they are completely diffusion free and not subject to aging. These specific qualities make this product into one of the most operationally safe flexible connectors.


Rubber Expansion Joints;



Expansion Joints Expansion Joints Expansion Joints - Tied
Nitrile or EPDM Rubber  Nitrile or EPDM Rubber  Nitrile or EPDM Rubber 

Flanged (Galvanised Steel)




Flanged (Galvanised Steel)


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