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             For over 30 years the El-O-Matic™ brands of pneumatic rack & pinion and electric valve actuators have been synonymous with a “fit and forget” ideology for quarter-turn and multi-turn valve requirements. LK Valves & Controls are now able to quickly supply a range of valves fitted with the dependable El-O-Matic range.

El-O-Matic 'E' & 'F' Series Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Actuators 

Pneumatic actuators are required to operate in a wide variety of applications; they have to function first time every time, often under very difficult circumstances. One actuator may perform hundreds of cycles 24 hours a day, whereas another may open and close just once a month, but still be ready to shut down instantly on a failure signal.

Optimum Performance:  The performance of our pneumatic actuators is vitally important to your production process. An actuator that does not function well often has serious consequences for the outcome of the process. That is why quality has been El-O-Matic's primary concept in actuator development. El-O-Matic pneumatic actuators are reliable, quality products, continuously providing optimum performance under all circumstances.

Operating Principle:  Pneumatic actuators come in two versions: double acting and single acting (spring return). Both versions are designed in such a way that (with the exception of the position indicator) there are no moving parts on the outside. This makes them safe, easy to install and virtually maintenance free. Furthermore, the compact rack and pinion construction means that actuators are lightweight and occupy a minimum of space.

Pneumatic Actuator Accessories 

The basic actuator may be used to open and close the valve, but if more functionality is required then the actuator can be extended by the addition of accessories. These can be used to make the actuator operate faster or slower or to provide position indication or position control to the controller. These are just a small sample of the additional possibilities by El-O-Matic.

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Block and Vent Valve

This should be used on applications where on site servicing of the actuator is required and where the actuator needs to be isolated from the control system. It provides a local means of blocking the supply air from the actuator at the same time venting all compressed air from both chambers of the actuator. It may be used for double acting or spring return actuators.

The valve block is fixed directly onto the NAMUR air entry manifold and has a further NAMUR interface so that a suitable solenoid valve may be directly mounted.

Breather Block

The breather block is used on single acting actuators and provides corrosion protection of the actuator spring chamber. It should be used on applications where the actuator is located in a corrosive atmosphere that would otherwise be sucked into the actuator during the spring stroke.

The breather block is fixed directly onto the actuator's NAMUR air entry manifold and has a further NAMUR interface so that a suitable solenoid valve may be directly mounted, or for a tubing connection in the case of a remote solenoid valve.
The breather block has a built-in quick exhaust function to improve the spring stroke time. An optional speed control can be provided to regulate this closing time.
LDN Switchbox

This switch box is suitable for utility applications or process applications under conditions that are less demanding. Functionality is similar to that of the HDN but with a lower level of waterproofing (IP 65) and limited explosion proof versions.
MO Manual Override Control

The El-O-Matic MO Series declutchalble gear operators offer a simple and reliable method of local manual operation, this may be required during commissioning set up, as emergency control on air failure, or as a local control in the event of controller malfunction. As such when the hand wheel is clutched in, the valve is under local manual control and the remote control is "locked out".








Valve Positioners

Positioners are instruments that play a vital part in the processes. They must convert the signals they receive quickly and efficient and respond by regulating the valve to any position between 0 and 100%. The El-O-Matic "Posiflex" positioners are high quality, reliable instruments that form a strong link in modern process-control systems. Posiflex Positioners The Posiflex range consists of 2 models, the pneumatic F10 and the electro-pneumatic F20. All models are used in applications in which the pneumatic actuators must be positioned with a high degree of accuracy. The positioners are suitable for single as well as double-acting actuators. They can be used for controlling other movements. All Posiflex positioners are robust with housings of cast aluminium alloy with a finish of epoxy coating. They are highly resistant to external influences. The interior has a modular structure so that it can be adapted quite simply to your specific uses. The various options are described in this brochure.

General Features Posiflex Positioners.

Provides the ultimate in quick and accurate positioning. Suitable for single acting (spring return) and double acting actuators. High-grade aluminium alloy housing finished with an polyerster pouder coating. Direct and reverse acting. Standard connections in accordance with VDI/VDE 3845 (NAMUR). Modular structure, therefore easy to expand. Suitable for controlling rotating actuators and other rotating movements.

Posiflex F10 Features; Posiflex F10 Pneumatic-pneumatic model. Simple robust model. Only, mechanical parts. External zero-setting. Waterjet proof.

Posiflex F20 Features; Posiflex F20 Electro-pneumatic model. Analog electric signal (4-20 mA). Split-range and reverse-acting setting functions simply adjustable by jumpers. Optional: intrinsically safe execution (II 2 G EEx ib IIc T6) Enclosure IP65 (NEMA4).



Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves provide local open/close control by means of a remote powered electric signal. El-O-Matic supplies industry standard NAMUR solenoid valves for direct mounting on the air connection face of the actuator. These are spring return solenoid valves. On power failure automatically returning the actuator to a pre-set (normally closed) position.
Solenoid valves are of the universal type and may be used on double acting or single acting actuators; the change is made by means of a reversible manifold plate. Standard solenoid valves are provided with a manual override control. As an option, speed control throttles are available fitted at the exhaust ports.


Speed Control Plate

This is used in combination with a NAMUR solenoid valve and serves to provide independent speed control of both the opening and closing strokes. The speed control plate can be used with both single and double acting actuators, but when used on single acting actuators, only the spring return stroke is regulated.
               El-O-Matic EL Series Electric Actuators

El-O-Matic electric actuators are reliable quality products, which can be counted on to perform faultlessly no matter how demanding the circumstances. As market leader in actuators, El-O-Matic realise that the consistent high quality of their products is of crucial importance to your production process. That's why their development activities focus on quality. You'll find this reflected by the performance of their actuators, and the choice of high quality materials

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